My trip to Chile on the road to shoot a movie

I leave Rome with a backpack and a small trolley, But that’s what I will need, partly because I’m going to shoot a movie and the clothes I will use all day are the costumes scene already shipped from production, partly because I’m going to the desert, in the heat, so I will need a few things.

I’ve never been to Chile, I’ve never been to South America, even if that piece of the world has always fascinated me, perhaps because my father is Argentine, or perhaps because Giorgio Bettinelli, a great traveler on a Vespa, did it for me. love with his stories.

I have always enjoyed traveling for work, because my job is to become something “other”, different from me and traveling helps me to get lost, to lose track, as if airports were a huge game of three cards, or a ride banking in a tax haven: you know everyone’s starting point, but once you pass the metal detector, the one who was previously lined up next to you could go to Paris as well as Shanghai, Moscow as well as San Diego; you will never know and they will never know about you.

In about ten days I will return to my partner and my son, but now it’s time for the three cards. I board. I don’t sleep in flight, I’ve never been able to; I watch four films, maybe five, in that screen that is demeaning for any film, which is why I choose the ugliest, to suffer less.